I listen to a lot of music but predominately Americana, folk and singer-songwriter-type stuff.  Lyrically this can and does range all over the place.  Musically, not so much.  There are always exceptions like Jim Moray or Wilco but by and large it’s one man and a guitar or a fairly conventional band set-up.  Nothing wrong with that but it can be a bit same-y, which is one of the reasons why going to a gig by Faroe Islander Teitur is such a delight.

He deployed two full-time cellists, a vibraphone player who also handled a bit of percussion and an electric guitarist (who on one occasion played with a bow) who doubled on banjo, as well as a drummer and his own keyboards and guitar.  And this wasn’t a case of stacking the stage for the sake of it.  Everything contributed to the sound, the arrangements were impressive and the songs good and also sometimes unusual.  It was a wonderful set and definitely the most interesting thing I’ve seen all year.  To top things off, on the merchandise front, apart from the normal albums and t-shirts he had packets of black tea, as he’s a serious tea drinker, made especially for this series of gigs.  So, yes, it was Teitur tour tea.

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