Monthly Archives: March 2014

Not a nice place

How important is the venue when deciding whether to go to see someone play or not?  For some people, not at all.  They want to see the music and that’s all that matters.  If their feet stick to the floor, parking is abysmal, the only alcohol is fizzy lager and the room itself is an indie toilet, no matter, it’s the music that counts.  For others, very much so.  They want a seat, a “nice” environment, perhaps the option of coffee rather than alcohol and if they can’t have those then they won’t go.  Fair enough, it’s their money and their choice.  The problem with the latter group though is that, like lots of people, they have preconceptions, and those are often, like lots of peoples, based on supposition rather than fact.

In Leicester a lot of folk fans won’t come to The Musician, where I put on a gig or three.  It has ample free parking, excellent ale, the best sound engineer in town (and consequently the best sound), an atmosphere steeped in music, welcoming staff and a generally great vibe.  People who come love it.  But (some) people who don’t think: it’s not in the best area of town, it’s a “music venue”, it’ll be dark and dirty and so on and so forth.  Which is a shame, because if they did they would find out what a great place it is and they’d have a great time.  But they don’t, because they have preconceptions.