Monthly Archives: June 2014

No Wagon Wheel!

There’s a famous scene in Wayne’s World, where Mike Myers is noodling on a guitar in a music shop and the assistant stops him and points to a sign which reads “No Stairway To Heaven”. I was reminded of this at a gig recently when the band, whose set otherwise was superb, took it upon themselves to played a speeded up bluegrass style version of Willin’. Not only was it horrible, but it’s a song that’s been done to death by the country, Americana and even occasionally folk crowd so that I would now be happy if I never heard it again. Others in the same category are The Weight, which seems to be everybody’s encore of choice and of course, Wagon Wheel. If you want to do a Little Feat, Band or Dylan song then go right ahead, but show a little imagination. Try Sailin’ Shoes, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down or I Shall Be Released or, frankly, one of several hundred others. But not, please, I beg you, Wagon Wheel.