Monthly Archives: October 2014

How long?

Back in the days when gigs didn’t have intervals, it would be considered outrageous to play for less than 90 minutes plus however many encores you got.  When intervals starting appearing that translated nicely into 2 x 45 minutes sets plus encores.  Gradually that changed.  First it became 2 x 45 including encores, then 2 x 40, then the interval vanished and it was 1 x 75 including encore.  In the last week I’ve been to two gigs, completely different types of music, where the total stage time including an encore was 65 minutes.

Not only is this disgraceful short-changing of the audience, it’s storing up trouble for the future.  These days the vast majority of musicians make the vast majority of their corn from live shows.  Even that’s becoming more difficult as live audience firgures are tailing off.  If those that still come feel thay’re not getting their money’s worth, and it would be hard to argue that 65 minutes is any sort of value for money, then they’ll stop coming.  And who could blame them.