Name and shame

One of the first blogs I wrote was about musicians getting paid, oe rather not getting paid, and it’s clear that since then things have got worse not better.  There appears to be an endless supply of musician turkeys voting for Christmas, accepting gigs where they don’t get paid, where they get paid a percentage of the tickets they sell and numerous other variations.  The arguments for not doing this are well-known and appear blindingly obvious to all but the turkeys, who persist in offering their idiotic justifications: “we just want to play”, “we need the gigs”, “we’ll get exposure” and so on.  And given that they think accepting these deals makes sense it seems unlikely that they’d understand how much damage they’re doing to the wider musical community either so that having that debate is pointless.

But, from time a wave of online outrage surges up about a venue or a promoter who’s ripping off bands (and quite right too) and to a chorus of approval they are named and shamed.  Venues are boycotted, promoters promise to mend their ways, and while this may be temporary or window-dressing, in some cases at least it seems to have a positive effect.  It’s a pity that we can’t do the same for the musicians who accept the deals, because if they didn’t accept them the whole practive would ceas to exist overnight.  If only…

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