My name is Jeremy Searle and I’m a music addict.

LPs, cassettes, CDs, multiple copies of the same album just to get a not-very-good-bonus track, festivals, more gigs than I can remember, shelves, walls (and floors) groaning under the weight of music and related paraphernalia, I have the full set of symptoms.

Not being shy of an opinion or three I also write for the very wonderful americana-uk website (http://www.americana-uk.com), Maverick magazine (http://www.maverick-country.com) and R2, formerly known and loved as Rock’n’Reel (http://www.rock-n-reel.co.uk) and even a bit for fRoots (http://www.frootsmag.com/).

As if that wasn’t enough I also promote gigs under the banner of Greenbird Promotions (http://www.greenbirdpromotions.net).

And now, a music blog.  A hopeless case, in short.

I also have a “real” job but that’s not what this blog is about so we’ll skip over that.

What it’s about is my, mainly musical, mainly Greenbird-related but sometimes neither, musings, thoughts, rants and the like.  If you like them do come back and read some more.  If you don’t, well you’ve only wasted a couple of minutes.

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