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Hype folk

No, this is not the latest subset of an increasingly fragmented genre but rather the glimmerings of behaviour previously more common in the more “commercial” pop field.  In said field it’s usual for band or singer X to be hailed as the next big thing: ground-breaking, challenging, cutting edge, authentic, real, a breath of fresh air and numerous other clichés, and for writers and commentators to fall over themselves to proclaim X to be “the best I’ve heard for n years/since whatever”.  Until fairly recently folk seemed pretty immune to such nonsense but in certain areas it seems to be creeping in.  No naming names here, no need, its all pretty obvious.

 None (or very little) of the ridiculous hype is the fault of any of the artists of course but it does seem that its perpetrators should rein themselves in a bit and take a deep breath before penning their next piece of deathless prose. I’m sure that many of them would defend their words along the lines of “But X really is that good” but are they, are they really?  In the long term it doesn’t do the artists any good and surely writers are supposed to provide perspective and context, not act as an hysterical arm of the PR machine?  Or is that naïve?